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My Story


I was born in Costa Rica and have a Law degree there, once I moved to Canada to start my family I started to look for activities that would balanced my family and my personal desire to stay active and healthy. I found Pilates and after extensive trainning I opened my Pilates Studio called "Energia". While teaching mat and equipment classes I found a new pasion, esthetics! My parents are both entrepenuers and quickly true to my roots and nature I expanded my knowledge and my business transformed into a pilates and esthetics practice.

After the birth of my second daughter I suffered a very damaging Cystic Acne crisis, I looked for more advanced solutions in a Medi-Spa and found my mentor who motivated to continue my education and grow my practice. I became a Medical Esthetician aka Aesthetician in 2011 and I havent look back!

My practice has evolved over the years and it has lead me to  focus in the science of Skin Health, I belive a healthy skin is a beautiful skin.

I love what I do and thanks to my parents teachings and examples I am able to not only have the skills in the business side but also the ever lasting feeling of learning every day. 

I am very connected to energy in my personal life and I transfer that into my professional practice, I combine essential oils, healing stones, various medical devices with the best technology and my love for my art to create protocols and treatments that not only improved and correct skin concerns but uplift the soul and promote happiness. 

I adore my clients and I am 150% dedicated to achieven success for them as seeing the results and the smiles gives me in return fullfilment. 

As a mother of 3 smart, beautiful and precious daughters I invest in positivism and of course all of our skins. 

My philosophy when I bring a new technology or treatment is that if it works for me then I will invest and bring them to my clients and of course my daughters. 

I never bring treatments of protocols I dont belive in, you can trust my practive because my heart is in results for all my clients and my family. 

If you are my client thank you for supporting my love for my art, if you are new to Renew Glow Laser I look forward to meeting you and be part of yours Skin Health journey. 

Much Love, 


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